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at Country Meadows Retirement Communities
Location Hershey, PA
Date Posted July 10, 2019
Category Hershey Community
Job Type Full-time
Company Name Country Meadows Retirement Communities
Address 451 Sand Hill Road


*The General Maintenance Associate position is a full time opportunity with a work schedule of 9am to 5pm*

A co-worker’s job title is only the beginning of who he/she is to our residents because here, each co-worker serves a position and a purpose. We care for our residents the way we all would want to be treated: with dignity, compassion and respect. To honor the care and commitment that they offer to our residents every day, we work hard to provide a rich benefit package, an environment which encourages career development and competitive compensation.

The Maintenance Associate is responsible for ongoing preventative maintenance and resident assistance, plant and grounds maintenance, troubleshooting and various related tasks. Maintains and protects resident and co-worker confidentiality in conjunction with State and Federal regulations. Along with other team members, encourages independence, supports resident choice and preserves resident dignity through their professional manner and interactions. Performs most tasks independently; some outside assistance is occasionally needed. Be available on call as needed.

Routine Functions of the Position:
Preventive Maintenance
Implements company preventive maintenance program using maintenance logbook as a history and/or record of all jobs completed. The Maintenance Associate utilizes only approved vendors, and coordinates with the appropriate Department Director when scheduling/planning all jobs. Specific areas of importance/attention include:
• Lighting/Ballasts/Electrical Shorts/Circuit Breakers
• Leaks/Water Heater/Water Softener/Boilers/Holding Tanks
• Heat pumps & A/C
• Kitchen equipment
• Carpets
• Fire & Safety Drills/Equipment/Training
• Vehicles
• Oversees utility usage (especially electricity), including monitoring of heating/ cooling in common areas and open windows and doors in residential units.

Resident Assistance
Treats all residents like a family member, keeping their safety in mind. Maintains and protects resident and co-worker confidentiality in conjunction with State and Federal regulations. Along with other team members, actively participates in Wellness Program. Recognizes and protects residents’ rights.
• Assists residents when moving, including but not limited to transporting furniture and pre-boxed personal belongings.
• Performs broad range of repairs for residents, including but not limited to fixing lamps, electrical cords, razors, hearing aids, jewelry, televisions, etc. as scheduled on Resident Maintenance Request Form.
• Assists with resident transportation needs, including but not limited to transporting them in company vehicles.

Ongoing Plant and Grounds Maintenance
Daily maintenance routines begin at “Stand Up” where key facility co-workers meet each morning to discuss their plans for the day. These duties include the following:
• Surveys vacant units to determine needs; addresses same, including but not limited to carpet cleaning/shampooing, spackling, painting, etc.
• Maintains common area carpets and furniture using only approved products and machinery.
• Replaces light bulbs and cleans lighting fixtures.
• Cleans kitchen equipment, including but not limited to kitchen hood, steamer, ice machines, vacuuming refrigerator coils, etc.
• Cleans grease traps.
• Maintains safety of company vehicles, including but not limited to periodic maintenance and annual inspections.
• Maintains all lawns and shrubbery, including but not limited to watering, weeding, mowing, replacing, seeding, and trimming according to specifications outlined by the Director of Landscaping.
• Removes and transports facility trash to dumpsters as and when appropriate.
• Picks up all outside litter.
• Maintains all equipment, including but not limited to vacuum cleaners, tractors, mowers, snow blowers, etc.
• Performs prompt and effective snow removal to ensure resident and co-worker safety. This includes, but is not limited to, shoveling sidewalks and spreading de-icer.

Analyzes, evaluates problems at hand and performs necessary repairs for all malfunctioning facility equipment, including but not limited to clogged drains, leaky faucets, stopped commodes, ice machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, heat pumps, etc. Note: in the case of certain equipment failure, outside vendor assistance may be necessary, e.g., water main breaks, main air conditioning/heating units, fire sprinkler systems, fire safety equipment and freezer/refrigerators.

The Maintenance Associate is a truly integral part of our company’s success in exceeding resident and co-worker expectations. As residents’ and co-workers’ needs change, so too the Maintenance Associate must be flexible to change his or her job specifications. This may involve overtime hours, at the discretion and approval of the Administrator and/or the Maintenance Director, warranted by safety and emergency concerns, such as:
• Coordinates with outside vendors for approved services.
• Supports activities of the department so as to meet department budget expectations.
• Continually monitors and determines re-ordering needs for certain products, including but not limited to light bulbs, laundry room supplies, housekeeping (OASIS) supplies; re-order using company approved vendors, inventory levels and products only.
• Maintains an appropriate working inventory of supplies necessary to keep building and related equipment in constant working order.
• Works every other weekend as required.
• Assumes maintenance responsibility for entire campus in the absence of other maintenance co-workers.
• Ability to multitask.
• Must be dependable, punctual, self-motivated, and able to work without constant supervision.
• In case of fire or other internal disaster, assists in evacuating residents to exits.
• Protects resident rights and confidential information according to state and federal laws.
• Observe for any signs of resident abuse or neglect. Takes immediate action to prevent harm and report incidents according to company policy and state law.

Critical success factors:
• Maintains and protects resident and co-worker confidentiality in conjunction with State and Federal regulations.
• Actively supports and participates in Wellness program.
• Recognizes and respects residents’ rights.
• Regularly attends continuing education programs.
• Effectively communicates needs and expectations to residents and staff.
• Practices good safety awareness and procedures; pro-actively addresses safety concerns.
• Ability to be self-supervising and self-motivating; needs to set own priorities and follow through on the same.
• Should not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of self and others.
• Must demonstrate a positive, creative attitude.
• Must be courteous and respectful to co-workers and residents.

Work environment
• Requires standing, walking, twisting, bending, pushing, kneeling, stooping, stretching and frequent heavy lifting of items, including but not limited to dressers, couches, heat pumps.
• Requires normal range vision, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
• Must be capable of using hand tools, drills, plungers, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, vacuum backpacks, mowers, snow blowers, tractors, motor vehicles and dishwashers.
• Workplace includes the entire building and surrounding grounds.
• Must be able to regularly lift up to 50 pounds, support up to 70 pounds and push/pull up to 100 pounds.

Minimum qualifications:
Other than prior experience in building maintenance, the Maintenance Associate exhibits knowledge of and experience in:
• Plumbing, including but not limited to design and mechanics of commodes, plumbing fixtures, drains, discharge lines, hot water heaters, dishwashers, ice machines, etc.
• HVAC, including but not limited to general principles of HVAC and heat pump operation and mechanics, refrigeration.
• Electricity, including but not limited to wiring, voltage, amperage.
• Mechanics, including but not limited to design and operation of engines.
• Must be able to use good judgment and help residents solve simple problems.
• Must be able to understand and empathize with the needs of others.
• Must be able to perform under emergency situations.
• Valid driver’s license; must have clean driving record with no major violations
• Have the ability to understand and speak English at a level which allows the safe, efficient performance of the job.



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